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May 8, 2021 


Escape to the country with us for a day of community, wellness, and hope

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Our mission is to provide people with the knowledge, resources, and encouragement they need to achieve good health.  We believe that when we give our bodies what they need, we can both prevent and reverse chronic disease.

We bring in top-notch, cutting-edge professionals from across the country to teach and guide all who attend. This is a conference for all people who want to optimize their health and that of their family.

Dear Friends,

This past year has taught us many things, not the least of which is our need for face-to-face community and encouragement from one another.  It has also become more clear than ever how essential it is that each of us take care of our health and the health of our family. For these reasons and many more, I have been adamant about finding a way to present the 2021 CoMo Wellness Conference “in real life.”  So it’s with hope and joy that I am thrilled to announce that this year’s Conference will take place in-person on Saturday, May 8th at Cooper's Ridge in Boonville!


Cooper's Ridge (not to be confused with Cooper's Landing) is a lovely venue situated on 38 acres just 15 minutes west of Columbia. In addition to the beautiful main building, if the weather is good, we’ll have lots of space for open air/outdoor activities, and lunch under a May sky full of sunshine. And if it rains, we’ll still have plenty of space inside for sponsor tables, presentations, and socializing.  


Cooper’s Ridge is outside the city limits of Columbia so there are no health orders or government mandates that must be followed.  Therefore each person attending the conference will have the freedom to choose the type of precautions they would like to take for themselves. While we will ask attendees to not come if they are actively experiencing flu-like symptoms, everyone will be welcome to attend whether or not they are wearing a mask, social distancing, or using hand sanitizer. All will be welcome.

This year, unlike other years, tickets are limited!  Be sure to get your ticket here ASAP to guarantee your spot.  We are happy to announce that a lunch from Nourish is included with your ticket!


There are many details we are still working out and the website will be updated as we know more.  


Looking forward to seeing you all on May 8th as we celebrate health, community, and hope.

To Good Health,



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All speakers and topics are subject to change
T.J. Williams, D.C., PH.D 

A Functional Medicine Approach to Cardiovascular Disease

Dr T.J. will discuss a functional medicine approach to cardiovascular disease.  He will talk about the major causes of cardiovascular disease, hint--it is not what you think.  There will be a discussion on how cardiovascular disease can be decreased and reversed naturally.  Dr. T.J. will even highlight simple steps you can take to help you improve your cardiovascular health.

The Answer to the Health Crisis in America

Dr. T.J. will discuss how functional medicine is the answer to almost all health problems, and certainly all chronic health issues, people deal with today.  He will also highlight the major differences between the failing "pill for a problem" conventional medicine model and the personalized "root cause" functional medicine model.  Your health is in your hands, and Dr. T.J. will show you how. Remember, health is not an option, it is a prerequisite.

Kerry Goyette, Founder & President of Aperio

The Brain Science Behind Motivation

The immense difficulties of 2020 have taken their toll in every area of our home and work lives. Constant uncertainties cause stress and anxiety, which make it harder to be creative, motivated, and engaged at work. In the face of declining intrinsic motivation, we must learn to work with–not against–the brain. In this keynote, you’ll find out what makes us tick, how to bulletproof ourselves in a time of constant change, and how to unleash motivation.

Scott Schutte, Evolved & Janine Stichter, Ph.D., Evolved

Evolved: Finding a personalized path for your fitness journey

Fitness is more than calories and workouts. Fitness encompasses your mind, body and environment. Let us show you how to personalize the fitness journey toward a leaner, healthier, and happier you. 

Brian Richards, Sauna Space founder

Naturalism in a Synthetic World: Incandescent Saunas and Faraday Cages 

We are hardwired for the Nature-based environs of our ancestors. Yet our modern quotidian experience is far removed from all that. This lost connection and the addition of so many non-native influences may be primary factors that are contributing to all the chronic pain and disease we deal with nowadays in the West. Is optimal health even possible in the modern context? Yes, and we don’t have to flee civilization; we have to bring naturalism back into our daily lives...

Laurie Fowler, M.D., FAAP

Food as Medicine

“Medicine” can have positive or negative results on our bodies.  While it is easy for most to understand that we can take a pill to treat pain or an infection, why is it so difficult to wrap our minds around that fact that food can cause all sorts of bizarre symptoms in any of our bodies’ systems?  Behavior problems, pain, gastrointestinal issues, and brain “fog” are just a few of the inflammatory conditions that can result from food sensitivities.   Let’s explore the many issues that can manifest as a result of food sensitivity, and learn some practical ways of dealing with it, including information on what a food rotation is, and how to practically incorporate that into our busy lives. 

Jennifer Ann

Freedom to Choose

This will be a health freedom discussion regarding vaccinations of school age children, Covid 19 vaccinations and your freedom to choose.

Karri Ball FTNP


As much as 80% of your immune system is located in your small intestines. In order to have a strong immune system, you have to have a healthy digestive system! The goal of digestion is to reduce food to molecules so small that the nutrients can be absorbed and used by the cells of the body. That sounds so simple. It's not! Digestion is actually a very complicated process with many places that it can go wrong. We are going to go over the organs involved in the process, what can go wrong, symptoms you might experience, as well as some natural tips to help you improve your digestion.

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Subject to change. More details to come.
7:45 - 9:00 
9:00 - 10:10 
10:10 - 10:30
10:30 - 11:30
11:30 - 1:00 
1:00 - 2:00  
2:00 - 2:20
2:20 - 3:20 
3:20 - 3:40
3:40 - 4:50 
Registration/Visit Partners in Health
TJ Williams: The Answer to the Health Crisis in America
Breakout Sessions - Choose 1
  • Main Room: Naturalism in a Synthetic World: Incandescent Saunas and Faraday Cages
  • Lakeside: Digestion
LUNCH/ Visit Partners in Health
Breakout Sessions - Choose 1
  • Main Room: A Functional Medicine Approach to Cardiovascular Disease
  • Lakeside: Freedom to Choose
Breakout Session - Choose 1
  • Main Room: Evolved: Finding a Personalized Path for your Fitness Journey
  • Lakeside: Food As Medicine
Kerry Goyette - The Brain Science Behind Motivation
Closing Remarks & Giveaways


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The speakers at the Como Wellness Conference were extremely knowledgeable and interesting. They were also accessible for questions afterward. Very helpful and I look forward to attending 2018.

What a wonderful event and an opportunity to hear some of the top experts both locally and nationally talk on some of the latest developments in functional medicine. If you want to learn how to take your health to the next level this conference is for you!

The COMO wellness conference was an opportunity to hear world-class experts on food and nutrition, at an affordable cost, right in our own back-yard. The conference was time well-invested!

Attending the wellness conference inspired me, and gave me the motivational boost I needed to change what and how I feed my family, and to do it from a place of enthusiasm and empowerment vs. guilt. Healthy eating is imperative and doable, even on a modest budget.

I was truly amazed at this first time event. It was well planned and organized and I walked away with a wealth of information. Well done!

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